NWTC 135-m Meteorological Towers Data Repository

Data are available here for the following towers:

  • M2 (western end of the NWTC), supported by NREL's Measurement and Instrumentation Data Center
  • M4 (southwest corner of the NWTC)
  • M5 (northeast corner of the NWTC)

Guidelines for use

If you use this data, please note the following:

  • Data are provided with no guarantees.
  • Please include an acknowledgement that this is NREL-supplied data whenever the data are used, including presentations, posters, student exercises, or journal publications. Because there are some challenges to using the data from the met towers (for example, the booms are oriented towards the westerly prevailing winds, so measurements of easterly winds are impacted by the tower), please check with Andrew Clifton that you are using the data appropriately.
  • Please send an email to Andrew Clifton describing the projects the data have been used for. This information is very valuable for reporting.
  • The documentation in Met Data Publications should be your first stop for more information.
  • Please post all questions regarding this data to the NWTC forums.

Change Log

The codes used to analyze and store the data from the met towers change from time to time. Change logs for the code used for the M4 and M5 towers are reported in the "Met Data" forum.

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If you want to refer to this website in a report, here is a reference you can use:
NWTC Information Portal (NWTC 135-m Meteorological Towers Data Repository).  https://nwtc.nrel.gov/135mData. Last modified 01-April-2015 ; Accessed 05-April-2020