A time-domain wind and MHK turbine aerodynamics module
This page is for AeroDyn v15, using the new FAST Modularization Framework developed at NREL.

by Greg Hayman,  Bonnie Jonkman and Robynne Murray
theory supported by Rick Damiani, Ph.D., P.E. and Jason Jonkman, Ph.D.
National Wind Technology Center

AeroDyn is a time-domain wind and MHK turbine aerodynamics module that can be coupled into the FAST version 8 multi-physics engineering tool to enable aero-elastic simulation of horizontal-axis wind turbines*. AeroDyn V15.04 has been updated to include a cavitation check for MHK turbines, and can be driven as a standalone code to compute wind turbine aerodynamic response uncoupled from FAST.

You may download the following files from our server:


  • Change Log
    This is a list of changes made to the code.

  • AeroDyn Manual (draft version, 28-Apr-2017)

    Read this document to learn about the algorithms implemented in AeroDyn and how to use the software.

  • Dynamic Stall Module (draft version, 13-Apr-2016)

    Read this document to learn about the dynamic stall model implemented in AeroDyn.

    AeroDyn Archives (v15.04.02, 28-Apr-2017)

  • AeroDyn Archive for Windows® (EXE 33 MB)

    This is a ZIP file archive of AeroDyn for Windows®. It contains AeroDyn sample input files for wind and MHK turbines, documentation, driver executable code, and regression test files.

  • AeroDyn Archive for Mac OS/Linux (tar.gz 8 MB)

    This is a compressed archive of AeroDyn. It contains AeroDyn sample input files, documentation, and regression test files.

    *Note that while AeroDyn has been updated to v15.04, FAST v8.16 has not yet been updated and still uses AeroDyn v15.03.

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