An Excel workbook for generating airfoil tables for AeroDyn and WT_Perf

by Dr. Craig Hansen
Windward Engineering, LLC

AirfoilPrep is a useful spreadsheet that helps users generate the airfoil data files needed by AeroDyn and WT_Perf. If you start with data for a limited range of angle of attack, it can use the Viterna method to expand it to the full 360-degree data needed by AeroDyn.  If you know the airfoil properties for a limited number of blade stations, it can interpolate the aerodynamic coefficients for other span locations. It can also apply rotational augmentation corrections for 3-D delayed stall. It uses Du's method to augment the lift and Eggers' method to modify the drag.

Dr. Hansen has retired from Windward Engineering. Please use our forums for help with this spreadsheet.

You may download the following file from our server:

  • AirfoilPrep (v2.02.03, 312 KB, 19-December-2014)

    This is an AirfoilPrep workbook.

A Python implementation of this spreadsheet is also available:

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