Alpha Versions

This page is for alpha testers of various CAE tools. The archives listed on this page are in testing and are not necessarially ready for public release. You may use them, but please carefully evaluate any results obtained from them and report all issues or concerns to the developers.

You may download the following files:

  • TurbSim Alpha Version (v2.00.07, 14-June-2016)
    Archive for other systems (9 MB tar.gz)
    This is an alpha version of the TurbSim code. Major additions include (1) the ability to generate full-field winds based on measured time series, (2) the ability to specify a desired coherence model for each wind component, (3) API (Frøya) spectral model, and (4) more documentation of previously hidden features like user-defined spectra, user-defined wind profiles, and the user-defined von Karman spectral model. Documentation for this version is incomplete.

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