A blade element momentum method for analyzing wind turbine aerodynamic performance that is robust (guaranteed convergence), fast (superlinear convergence rate), and smooth (continuously differentiable). Analytic gradients are also (optionally) provided for the distributed loads, thrust, torque, and power with respect to design variables of interest.

Author: S. Andrew Ning

Detailed Documentation

Open a local copy of the documentation at docs/_build/html/index.html. Or access the online version at


Fortran compiler, NumPy, SciPy, zope.interface


Install CCBlade with the following command.

$ python install

Note that the installation also includes Though not strictly necessary to use with CCBlade, it is convenient when working with AeroDyn input files or doing any aerodynamic preprocessing of airfoil data.

Run Unit Tests

To check if installation was successful, run the unit tests

$ python test/
$ python test/

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