Dynamic wake analysis routines

by Yujia Hao
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

DWM is code that has been developed and coupled into the FAST wind turbine computer-aided engineering (CAE) tool to model turbine wakes and to estimate the performance of downwind waked turbines. DWM is applicable for both onshore and offshore horizontal axis wind turbines. The individual wake model of DWM is based on and developed from the Dynamic Wake Meandering (DWM) model.

The current version of DWM is configured as a routines within AeroDyn v14 in FAST v8 together with a DWM driver code. To take advantage of the routines in FAST, the DWM wind farm driver code must be used. DWM can be applied to a row of wind turbines, or an entire wind farm with an arbitrary wind turbine layout and an arbitrary inflow wind direction. The outputs of DWM can be viewed directly from the native FAST outputs.

While FAST is simulating an upwind turbine, with the aid of AeroDyn, DWM is deployed to calculate the wake deficit velocity, the meandered wake center positions with respect to time, and the added turbulence intensity due to the presence of the wake mixing. While a downwind waked turbine is being simulated in FAST, the inflow wind to this waked turbine is modified based on the wake modeling results of its upwind turbines. Thus the effect of the wakes can be accurately reflected on the waked turbine according to its immediate wake.

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DWM Driver Archives

The DWM wind farm driver is currently available for Windows® applications only. It is compiled with NWTC Library v1 using Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler XE

  • DWM Wind Farm Driver (2.15 MB) (v2.02, 6-April-2015)

    This is a self-extracting archive of DWM for Windows®. The archive contains the DWM driver executable file for 32-bit Windows®, documentation, sample input file, and all the source code necessary to recompile this driver code. The DWM anaysis routines contained in AeroDyn are not part of this archive. Note: this DWM driver calls FAST v8; you do not need to recompile FAST v8 to use DWM.

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