Integrated System Tools

These models have been developed at NREL for modling an entire wind plant system.  The Wind-Plant Integrated System Design and Engineering Model (WISDEM™) is developed largely at the NWTC and is hosted on this website along with all of the contributing sub-models.  WISDEM™ is a collection of wind turbine and plant design, sizing and cost analysis tools to support integrated wind energy system research and design work.  The models span the full wind energy system and for each system element, multiple levels of fidelity are possible.  The entire toolset is built on the Framework for Unified Systems Engineering and Design of Wind-Plants (FUSED-Wind) which is a joint effort by NREL, DTU Wind Energy and other partners.  Both FUSED-Wind and WISDEM™ are opensource and all the source code for each can be found on this website and on github where the software projects and their documentation are hosted.  See each individual model page to download software and link to the software documentation and github repositories.

For additional information about the NWTC effort in systems engineering that supports WISDEM™ development, please visit the official NREL systems engineering for wind energy website.