Legacy Versions of NWTC Subroutine Library

If you need source code to recompile legacy codes that have not been updated to work with the newest version of NWTC Subroutine Library, you may download old copies of the library here.

Old NWTC Subroutine Archives:

Version Date Self-Extracting Archives for Windows Compressed Archives for Linux
2.08.00 5-Apr-2016 239 KB exe 175 KB tar.gz
2.06.02a-bjj 5-Oct-2015 248 KB exe 182 KB tar.gz
2.05.02a-bjj 25-Feb-2015 233 KB exe 169 KB tar.gz
2.04.00a-bjj 30-Sep-2014 225 KB exe 161 KB tar.gz
2.03.03b-bjj 30-June-2014 227 KB exe 161 KB tar.gz
2.03.00b-bjj 3-October 2013 492 KB exe 316 KB tar.gz
2.00.00c-bjj 3-April-2013 311 KB exe 264 KB tar.gz
1.07.02a-mlb 28-May-2013 426 KB exe 254 KB tar.gz
1.07.00b-mlb 11-January-2013 426 KB exe 254 KB tar.gz
1.05.00 24-October-2012 307 KB exe 256 KB tar.gz
1.04.01 21-February-2012 104 KB exe  
1.03.01 13-January-2011 213 KB exe  
1.02.00 16-March-2010 96 KB exe  
1.01.09 18-January-2008 61 KB exe  


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If you want to refer to this website in a report, here is a reference you can use:
NWTC Information Portal (Legacy Versions of NWTC Subroutine Library).  https://nwtc.nrel.gov/Legacy-NWTC_Library. Last modified 08-April-2016 ; Accessed 17-September-2019