NWTC M5 (Site 4.0) Almost-Real-TIme Data Display

M5 is another 135-m tower at the north east end of the site, measuring inflow into a wind turbine. It was commissioned in 2013.

The plots below show the mean and turbulent characteristics of the flow during the last 10 minutes. Data have been subject to quality control (details). Flow from the east may be impacted by tower or turbine wakes.

Please check the start times on the images below. If this page is not updating, you may wish to check the M5 maintenance log. Archived data can be found here.

Last 10 minutes
Last 10 minutes
Last 24 hours
Last 24 Hours
Channel Status
Missing Channel QC summary image

QC checks

Data from the met tower may be flagged or failed for a variety of reasons:

Flagged data (grey points)

  • More than 1% of measurement are greater than 5% from the target measurement frequency
  • Number of points between manufacturer's limits is low
  • Number of points between user's limits is low
  • Standard deviation of this channel is below 1E-5
  • The channel has been flagged because another related channel has been flagged.

Failed data (red points)

  • Known outages
  • No data points at all in the data stream
  • All data points are bad (e.g. equal to -999)
  • All data points are NaN after filtering for limits
  • Anemometer boom motion exceeded 0.1 m/s
  • The channel has failed because another related channel has failed.

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