A MATLAB®-based Postprocessor for Wind Turbine Data Analysis

by Greg Hayman
National Wind Technology Center

MCrunch (pronounced em-crunch) is a set of MatLab scripts that perform many types of analyses for one or more files.  MCrunch can operate interactively, but it is likely more efficient to use a supplied script to read a Crunch-style input file and run it in batch mode.  Although we developed MCrunch to process wind turbine test or simulation data, it may also be useful for other types of data.

As can be seen by the length of the To Do List at the end of the Change Log, the current version of MCrunch is just a beginning. We need to add many more features, but our resources are limited. We will establish priorities based upon personal need and feedback from the user community. The current version of MCrunch includes:

  • scales and offsets
  • calculated channels
  • time-series plots
  • statistics
  • extreme events
  • binning with plots
  • probability density with plots
  • power spectral density with plots
  • fatigue analysis with plots

You may download the following files from our server:

  • MCrunch User's Guide (v1.00, 671 KB, 16-May-2008)

    This is the MCrunch User's Guide. Please refer to it when trying to understand how the program works.

  • MCrunch Draft Theory Manual (v1.00, 245 KB, 25-March-2009)

    This a draft of the MCrunch Theory Manual. So far, it includes only information about the fatigue calculations.

  • MCrunch Change Log (v1.00.00ab-gjh, 14 KB, 05-June-2012)

    This is a list of changes made to the code. Look at this text file to see if we’ve made worthwhile changes since you received your previous version of MLife.

  • MCrunch Archive (v1.00.00ab-gjh, 30.1 MB, 06-June-2012)

    This is the self-extracting archive of the latest alpha version of MLife. Simply execute it in an appropriate directory to extract the files. It contains a ReadMe file, change log, the source code, sample data files, a certification script to test your installation, and a compiled version of the code. The scripts are compatible with MatLab 7.13.0 (R2011b)®.

  • MatLab Component Runtime Installer (win32) (v7.16, 396.8 MB, 14-August-2011)
  • MatLab Component Runtime Installer (win64) (v7.16, 413.4 MB, 14-August-2011)

    If you do not own MatLab and want to be able to use MCrunch, you will have to use the compiled version of MLife. The MatLab Component Runtime (MCR) is a library of support routines you need to run the compiled version of MCrunch. The MCR is free. You must install it as a Windows application before using the compiled version of MCrunch. We support only Windows with the compiled version. The other files you need to run the compiled version are located in MCrunch's Compiled folder.

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