The Mathworks' MATLAB® Component Runtime Installer

Software that allows you to run compiled MATLAB® scripts without a MATLAB® license

by Marshall Buhl
supported by Greg Hayman
National Wind Technology Center

If you want to use any of our MatLab® scripts, but don't own a MatLab license or a specific toolbox, you can install the appropriate MCR to run the compiled versions of our scripts.  Because some scripts were compiled with different versions of MatLab, you have to choose the appropriate MCR installer.  Each script should have a link to the correct MCR Installer, so check the script's web page to decide which to download.

You may download the following files from our server:

Version Date 32-bit Windows 64-bit Windows
v7.16 14-August-2011 MCR Installer v7.16 for 32-bit Windows (406 MB) MCR Installer v7.16 for 64-bit Windows (423 MB)
v7.15 18-March-2011 MCR Installer v7.15 for 32-bit Windows (196 MB) MCR Installer v7.15 for 64-bit Windows (201 MB)
v7.14 14-August-2011   MCR Installer v7.14 for 64-bit Windows (423 MB)
v7.13 05-February-2010 MCR Installer v7.13 for 32-bit Windows (167 MB)  
v7.11 13-August-2009 MCR Installer v7.11 for 32-bit Windows (174 MB)  
v7.09 17-September-2008 MCR Installer v7.09 for 32-bit Windows (264 MB)  
Programming Language:     Wind and Water Tools:

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