A Program for Calculating 2-D Airfoil Noise

by Pat Moriarty
National Wind Technology Center

NAFNoise, which stands for NREL AirFoil Noise, is a program that predicts the noise of any airfoil shape for five different types of noise sources: turbulent boundary layer trailing-edge noise, separated flow noise, laminar boundary layer vortex-shedding noise, trailing-edge bluntness noise, and turbulent inflow noise. The models in the program are based are based on the work of others and research performed at NREL.

You may download the following files from our server:

  • NAFNoise Change Log (v1.00, 1 KB, 22-July-2005)

    This is a list of changes made to the code. Look at this text file to see if we've made worthwhile changes since you received your previous version of NAFNoise.

  • NAFNoise User's Guide (v1.0, 49 KB, 21-July-2005)

    This is the NAFNoise User's Guide.  It explains what NAFNoise does and how you can use it. It is also included in the archive.

  • NAFNoise Archive (v1.00, 986 KB, 12-April-2006)

    This is a self-extracting archive of NAFNoise for PCs. It includes the NAFNoise executable, the change log, the user's guide, and sample input files.

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