FAST-OrcaFlex Interface

supported by Bonnie Jonkman
National Wind Technology Center

OrcaFlex is a commercial software package developed by Orcina for the design and analysis of marine systems. When the OrcaFlexInterface module is used in FAST v8, all hydrodynamic and mooring loads will be computed using OrcaFlex, while the turbine, tower, and floating platform structural dynamics; aerodynamics; and control and electrical-drive dynamics will be computed by FAST.

To use this module with FAST, you will need the following:

  • FAST v8 for Windows®
  • A valid OrcaFlex license
  • FASTlinkDLL.dll
    This DLL is compiled by Orcina and is called by FAST during the FAST simulation to compute the loads on the platform by OrcaFlex. Both 32- and 64-bit versions of FASTlinkDLL.dll, which are compatible with the 32- and 64-bit Windows executable versions of FAST, are available at
  • Sample models for FAST and OrcaFlexInterface (11.2 MB)
    This self-extracting archive for Windows® contains documentation on using the FAST-OrcaFlex interface as well as several sample models set to call FASTlinkDLL.
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