by Jan Bialasiewicz and Eduard Muljadi
National Wind Technology Center

RPM-Sim is an application-specific study of the system dynamics of renewable-energy hybrid (wind-diesel-PV-load etc.) power-systems. It is written using the VisSim™ visual environment. A library of the power system and renewable energy source modules is available, however, users can build their own modules based on its unique description. The modules that are currently available are: wind turbine, diesel generator, village-load, dump-load, rotary converter, photovoltaic array and power converter.

Figure 1 is a single-line diagram of a generic renewable energy system. The figure shows the principal modules of RPM-SIM. All elements of the simulated system are connected to one module, called the point of common coupling (PCC). The other principal modules are the diesel generator (DG); the alternating current (AC) wind turbine generator (WTG) with the induction generator and the wind speed time series as the input; the rotary converter (RC) with the battery bank (BB); the inverter with the PV array (which may be replaced by the battery bank or a small wind turbine); the village load (VL); and the dump load (DL). R+jX represents the transmission-line impedance and PFC represents the power-factor-correcting capacitors.

In the RPM-Sim manual, we first describe the modules of the simulator. To illustrate the simulator's performance and usefulness, we present several carefully selected case studies. We begin with very simple case studies to help the user to learn the basic principles of the simulator. These are followed with simulation and analysis of much more involved systems such as a system that includes a wind turbine with furling control connected to the system through a power converter. These case studies demonstrate the simulator's flexibility and its modeling capabilities.

A viewer (viewer.exe) is included in the directory. With the viewer, the user can run the sample cases, change the parameters and observes the results. Modifications and other studies require the use of VisSim software.

For help with using RPM-Sim, please contact Eduard Muljadi.

Figure 1. Principal modules of the RPM-Sim included in a single-line diagram of a generic
  renewable energy system

Figure 1. Principal modules of RPM-Sim included in a single-line diagram of a generic renewable energy system.


You may download the following files from our server:


  • CASE_STUDIES.zip (599 KB, 14-July-2004)

    This archive contains example cases for different system configurations.

  • MANUAL.zip (4.5 MB, 14-July-2004)

    This archive contains a printable manual for this package program.

  • READ_ME.zip (1.4 MB, 14-July-2004)

    The ReadMe archive contains readme.wri (a list of files), disclaimer.wri, and viewer.exe (a program to run case studies).

  • RPMSim_DST.zip (148 KB, 14-July-2004)

    This archive contains the RPM-Sim software archive.

  • Syst_Valid.zip (347 KB, 14-July-2004)

    This archive contains the system validation as described in the manual.

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