WindSE: Wind Systems Engineering

Simple Description:

WindSE is a python package that uses a FEniCS backend to perform wind farm simulations and optimization. Documentation can be found at:


General Installation:

In order to use WindSE, the python version fenics 2018.1.0 or later must be installed along with a compatible version of dolfin-adjoint. WindSE can be installed by downloading the source files from the GitHub ( and running the command:

pip install -e .

in the root folder.

Conda Installation (Automatic):

The best way to use WindSE is via a conda environment. To install conda check out this link: Conda Installation. After conda is installed, you need to download/clone the WindSE repo. Then can automatically setup the WindSE environment using:

conda env create -f environment.yml

in the root folder (where environment.yml is located). Next we activate the environment using:

source activate fenics_windse

Then create a link to the WindSE package by running:

pip install -e .

in the same folder.

Conda Installation (Manual):

If the automatic setup fails, or you just want to setup the environment manually, follow these steps. After conda is installed, create a new environment using:

conda create --name fenics_windse

You can replace the name "fenics_windse" with a different name for the environment if you want. Next we activate the environment using:

source activate fenics_windse

or whatever you named your environment. Now we need to install the dependent packages using:

conda install -c conda-forge fenics=2018.1.0 dolfin-adjoint mshr matplotlib scipy pyyaml

Finally, download/clone the WindSE repo and run:

pip install -e .

in the root folder.

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